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06/29/2001 Entry: "Welcome to my Weblog"

[Welcome to my Weblog]

[o]This is the inaugural post of my weblog. Been meaning to do this for a while, now, never got around to it. Then, I got a bit of an incentive......

Ramon Stoppelenberg, the guy from, came to visit. We had a great time, and he's now headed off to the wild blue yonder. He's a great bloke.


He wrote up his visit on his website, and of course gave me a link to my miniscule website. I had had about 120 hits on the site up to Wednesday last, mostly myself. Suddenly it jumped to 500+.

Personally, I think it was the towel head photo that caused all the interest. ;)

All these people clicking through to my teeny weeny site. Which sort of gave me a bit of a problem, as it was very small and insignificant. Rather like having a really untidy bedroom that no-one sees, and then suddenly being asked to do interviews in it. Tends to make you clean up the place a bit.

Now, since I have always said I should put up a weblog, I have done so. And here it is. woo hoo :)

Still, its a bit messy, the weblog software has only been running for half an hour, and I've only tidied up the home page template and the entry detail pages. Not that it's actually tidy, just somewhat more presentable.

Hey ho, the weekend beckons. I'll probably do some more work on this over the weekend, or maybe not. I'm completely knackered. My mates tell me I work too much. Maybe they are right.

Zzzzzzzzzzzz. *clonk*

All right.

Dang. I'm going home NOW! Its flippin 20:45, and I'm finished fiddling with this thing.

I am.

Gaahh SLEEP!

Replies: Post/Read Comment (4)

Nice to have seen your part of Ramon's journey. I have great interest in Ireland, but have enjoyed all the postings he has done to his website so far. I came to check out your little piece of the web out of pure curiosity, the shots of your place with your friends hanging out remind me of my own premarriage-prekids days. I have to tell you that the "towel" shot had me guessing you had knickers on your head! I am from Maine, USA and am listening to some fine old Talking Heads while I am surfing and emailing. I have to invest in a new keyboard as I have taken this one (two+ years old) apart and cleaned and rearranged the little silicone things as much as I can - you have to give up when you have a dying e.

Best Regards.

Posted by Acadia @ 06/30/2001 05:03 AM GMT

See Alan, I'm not the only one who thought that's what you had on your head! I'm not so strange after all. You, however, we're still debating about ... ;-)

You are a minor celebrity now you know! So do you have a Scottish accent? (last name Mac and you used the word bloke) Where exactly is the AOL place you work?

Posted by Lynnie @ 06/30/2001 12:59 PM GMT


Lynnie: Yeah, that towelhead photo seems to be quite popular. It went around work in a flash, and I'm getting a bit of ribbing from it, but I don't mind at all. I mean, look at the photo - is that a guy who cares about image?

Minor celebrity? Woo. Don't know about that, but it would be flattering to think so. It's certainly something I'm enjoying!

I don't have a Scottish accent, but my grandfather, Hector Archibald MacDonald (now there's a name to conjure with!) had Scottish roots. Family legend (which I am not sure about) has it that he was shipwrecked off the Antrim coast in Northern Ireland, came down to Tipperary, married my Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Jackson, and decided never to leave. I'm certain of everything but the shipwreck story, but I like it nonetheless

I am a bit of a mimic, however, and 5 minutes in the prescence of anyone with a strong accent and I start to unconsciously imitate it. Sometimes causes awkwardness, but I can't help it! People think I'm taking the mick, but its just my subconscious doing its thing. So, give me five minutes talking to Billy Connolly, and you'd think I was from Glasgow too!

The AOL place I work at is on the industrial estate in Waterford. Nice place to work, good atmosphere, good people.

Acadia : Yeah, my place has that ... comfortable lived-in look. *ahem*. Though my mum would probably not agree!

The towel head photo is something I think I am going to be seeing quite a lot of. Dunno where I get that idea!

Never been to the states, though there are some *hush* *hush* possibilities in that direction, but my lips are sealed.

A dying e is a trribl thing to hav to dal with. I hop that you gt a nw kyboard soon!



Posted by Alan @ 06/30/2001 03:33 PM GMT

Hi Alan

I'm an Australian journalist and am of doing a story on Ramon Stoppelenberg, only problem is I can't find him anywhere. His website no longer works and all the links to his documenting of his travels don't work. I was wondering if you would be willing to answer a couple questions or perhaps have any further information on where he is?

I realise this is short notice but I need the information as soon as possible, story deadline is Thursday 5th of September @ 4pm.

Some questions if you want to answer them
1. Where you nervous taking a stranger into your home
2. When you met him was it what you had expected
3. What was the craziest story he had for you

And anything else you want to add. Contact from you were seriously help me out, hope you can


Theresa van Dijk

Posted by Theresa @ 09/04/2002 01:11 AM GMT

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