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06/30/2001 Entry: "Well, the hits keep coming in"

[Well, the hits keep coming in]

[o]I even had a couple of comments! (Thanks Lynnie and Acadia!)

Well, its Saturday, and I'm in Leslie's doing some web work....

Burnt a few CD's for clients, and now off to convert another clients site. We're taking over hosting on it, but I always try and have the site up on a temporary domain for the client to verify before we start changing domain name records and name servers. Only been burnt on that one once, and it stings!

Well, Les has just called me for some grub, so I'm off while its hot! See all of ye later!

... time passes ...

*munch* *slurp*


Now, back to work.

Incidentally, if anyone's interested, this is the company I do my website design for - We've been doing this web design lark for about 3-4 years now (or maybe more, I can't remember). We finally decided we need a website, as most of our work has been from word-of-mouth recommendations. Thats been good enough up to now, as all we were really doing was using it as a hobby, and a way to get some pocket money.

Now we'd like a bit more than that, so we have upped the tempo a little. Its going to be interesting to see how it goes, but if it doesn't go anywhere, I still have my job in AOL.

Anyway, back to work now, Alan!

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