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07/01/2001 Entry: "Working again"

[Working again]

[o]Just a quicky this time, hopefully. Its a lovely day.

I'll probably grab the digital camera and head off to do a bit of photography...

I have a thing about clouds. I've taken a few shots with my own camera, and I want to see what the digital camera can do. Its got a fish-eye lens, and we have ipix software, so I might try for a few panoramas.

Mental note - Must scan a few of my fave cloud photos and stick them up here soon.


Actually went down to the premises of a new client, took loads of panoramics. Also a load of photographs of the rose gardens, including some nice close-ups. The only thing was, it was on my way home on the bike that I realised that I should have got a spray bottle of water to spray the flowers before I shot them, for that dewy look.

I'm heading back over there at some point in the next few weeks, must remember to do that for the next time :)

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