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07/02/2001 Entry: "It's late in the evening...."

[It's late in the evening....]


Well, I'm pretty happy with the layout at the moment. It probably won't change much for a while.

Nearly finished work for the day, looking forward to going home. I'm gonna curl up with The Naked God and a nice cup of Navy Style hot chocolate. I'm a bit of a chocaholic, and when I'm feeling a bit down, chocolate does it for me.

Here's my recipe, for those who are interested:

1 good sized mug of milk
Couple of tablespoons of 92% couverture dark chocolate
1/2 measure of rum

Nuke the mug of milk for about a minute to warm it. Dump in the chocolate, and stir. Nuke for another minute, stir up the now melted chocolate, add the rum, and bob's yer uncle.


Now, my personal vision of heaven would be the above book and tipple, along with a roaring log fire (not possible due to living in a flat) and a Maine Coone cat on my lap (also not possible ... due to living in a flat)

Cat person me. Can't wait to have a place of my own. Want cats. Like dogs, Love cats. :)

Hmm. That reminds me. Must get the recipe for Magic Chocolate Mud Pudding and stick it up. That stuff rocks!

Now, its either that relaxing scene, or Evil Dead 3 : Army of Darkness. Gotta love Ash! Come to think of it, I remember enjoying the heck out of a little add-on for the original Doom game called Doom-Ash. Made the game real funny, sorta like Duke Nukem. The mod can be got at the following locations: - though this was down when I tried

Doing a search on google for should give some more hits.

Yep, I still play Doom!

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