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07/03/2001 Entry: "Busy busy busy"

[Busy busy busy]

[o]Well, its been fun so far today. I wanted to concentrate on my programming, but I'm having to field calls because of a system issue we're having at the mo. Actually, its not even us thats having the problem, its one of our technology providers, but everyone who calls sees it as an our problem. Ah well.

Anyway, last night I had myself a nice relaxing time. Didn't get around to doing the hot chocolate, as I forgot my store of couverture chocolate was used up. Gonna have to go down to The Chocolate Box in Cork and get a new supply :) Just another excuse to get away on the bike. Shamus (who's sleeping on the couch while looking for his own place) rented a couple of DVD's, Charlie's Angels and Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. What can I say, he's got strange tastes. :)

I'd seen Charlies Angels a few weeks ago, so we watched the Buzz Lightyear first. I'd give it 7 out of ten, as it was quite good, yet not really targeted at adults. Still, it had a few nice bits, such as when Buzz's ship crashes on Zurg's planet. During the descent, it's wrapped in bouyancy aids (don't ask!) and ends up lying on the ground covered in them. A passing bad guy says 'Isn't that a spaceship?' and another one looks and says 'nah - its just a weather balloon'. I cracked up!

Didn't go into Leslies this morning, Tuesday is my day off from, so I had a bit of a lie in. Anyway, I'm off for some coffee to wake me up.

BTW, if you live in the South East of Ireland and go to pubs every now and then, you've probably heard of my brother, Richard, who plays under the name Woody Sagoo. He's recording an album at the moment, and I think it's going to be great. I love all the songs on it, but there's one, 'Beautiful Children', that raises the hairs on my arms it's that good! He also has a community space at Community Zero. You'll have to sign up for that one.

Speaking of signing up for stuff, check out Spam Motel. This is a really cool system, it allows you to generate throw-away email addresses so you can sign up for stuff safely. If they start spamming you, you'll know where its coming from, and you can simply turn off the email address. I like it more than other similar services, because they have a little client program you can download to generate the email addresses on your desktop. :)

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