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07/03/2001 Entry: "Mental day"

[Mental day]

[o]Well, its been a roller coaster day. And I don't mean one of those sedate, wooden, pansy things. I mean one of the strap you in by your crotch, hang you upside down by your hair, throw you off a fifty foot cliff, spin you round, slamdunk you, tell you that that's just the warmup, and then actually let you get on the damn ride itself kinda rollercoasters.



Breathe Alan!

Woo. I've been going solid since I started, its 45 minutes from the end of my shift, and I'm taking my first break! How screwed up is that?

Ah well, I enjoy it really. Sometimes. Honest. Except when I get a call from someone who has a system Xb, when we have been trained to support Xa, and no-one even told us Xb existed, but we still have to support it and all the other guys are out, and not answering their phones, dammit, and its late and .....



Now. This is a day when I really need my hot chocolate.

Only thing is, when I rang home to my mobile, because I left it at home, for Shamus to get me a number of one of the guys I needed to talk to, he said he's already sorted out dinner. Score!

Thats better.

See y'all tomorrow :)

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