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07/04/2001 Entry: "Another day, another dollar"

[Another day, another dollar]

[o]Well, I'm in early today, got asked last night. Kinda screwed up the sleep rhythm, and I feel a bit punchy. Gotta get some coffee!


Hey! Thats better! Mmmmm, better life through Caffeinne!

Dinner last night was good, Shamus did go a bit mad with the Thai Spice, so it was a bit much for him, but I've got an iron bucket for a stomach, so it was fun. We watched Roughnecks - Starship Troopers Chronicles on video. It wasn't bad, the first 5 episodes. It's a cartoon series, so it was a little predictable, though not as much as Pokemon *shudder*.

Lovely sunny day here, can't say the same for Liverpool in the UK at the moment. I've been sent a link to a cool web page, the Lightning Activity Map. It shows real time lightning stroke data in a 300 mile radius of Manchester, and at time of posting, 11:42 am on July 4th 2001, Liverpool is taking a hammering! I think we might be getting a few No Dialtone calls from the Liverpool area today!

More later....

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