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07/05/2001 Entry: "Payday tomorrow.."

[Payday tomorrow..]

[o]Woo Hoo

Pay day tomorrow, though its a bit less than last time as my pension deductions just kicked in. Hmm. Pensions. Could I be getting sensible in my old age? I hope not. Its just that I want to be able to get to my retirement age with a little bit of money to spend. It would really suck otherwise.

Was on a call a few minutes ago, and the power went. That really doesn't help! The generator that runs to power the building stinks up the place with diesel fumes, so I'm a bit sick at the mo.

Added a new link to the fun section at the right, for a site called Great little site, where us tech's gather to swap war stories. Some of the things I've come up against are beyond belief.

Still, if everyone on the planet knew how to fix theit own internet problems, I'd be out of a job, so its not all bad :)

[o]18:49 Nearly time to go home. Been a busy day. We've had 2 powercuts, and I lost a bit of work on the last one. It really sucks when that happens. I was in hack mode, and it nearly fried my brain when the screen went black.

Actually, going to have to call in to as Leslie says he has a left a few jobs for me there. Needed to call in anyway, as I'm pretty sure I left my wallet there last night. Keep doing that, leaving my wallet around the place and forgetting where it is. Luckily I've always found it again, but one of these days...

Submitted my website to a few search engines, we'll see if it starts to come up at all.

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