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07/07/2001 Entry: "Its Saturday, and I'm working again..."

[Its Saturday, and I'm working again...]

[o]Over in catching up on some work. The Euro is coming in soon, and we are having to adjust all the templates in our accounting package to account for it (groan).

The silly thing is, the program allows you to design your own layouts for invoices and statements, etc., and includes data fields for euro currency amounts for invoices, but not for statements. This means our invoices look great, company logo and all, and the statements will have to be the boring old program defaults. Where are peoples heads, for heavens sakes?

Ah, well, I'll give the tech support a call on Monday and see what the story is.

Back to scanning more photographs for one of our customers. Great fun. Not!

Anyway, I started reading Hunting Party last night, and it rocks. It's also part of a series, and I'm definitely going to track down the rest of them :)

[o]17:54 Its nearly time to go home, now - Updated the clients website with new photographs. Some of the photographs were not the greatest, but Photoshop rocks, and I was able to rescue them a bit. Still not perfectly happy with them, however.

Also spent a bit of time on the conversion of the Browns Townhouse website from Netobjects Fusion to Dreamweaver. Its a massive job, and its going to take a while, but once its done the site will be much easier to manage. We are also planning a major overhaul of the site this Autumn, as it has looked the same for over 2 years, and a makeover is needed.

Anyway, I'm off - want to get a bite before I head out with the lads.

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Hea How are you doing?
Either it's been a very long weekend or I'm just getting old, what is this all about? I found myself wondering over after catching up with Ramon, maybe I should think before I press the buttons, mmmm....... Great tennis though!
And yes protection is a great album, I think you've persuaded me to have a listen right now.

Posted by rebecca @ 07/09/2001 09:30 PM GMT

Hi Rebecca,

]Either it's been a very long
]weekend or I'm just getting old,
]what is this all about?

Nah, its been a long weekend *grin*

If you are asking what the site is about, it's a weblog, a kind of online diary. I used to have rl diaries, but I got burgled once, and they were ... tampered with, and that put me right off.

Then, Ramon came to stay, and he linked back to my website from his reports and all of a sudden I had hundreds of people poking around my little website. I had been using the domain just for email, but I decided I need to clean up a bit :)

I had been toying with the idea of a weblog, and that was just the catalyst.

Check out for more on blogs/weblogs.

]And yes protection is a great
]album, I think you've persuaded
]me to have a listen right now.

I'm listening right now! *grin*

Posted by Alan @ 07/09/2001 09:41 PM GMT

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