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07/09/2001 Entry: "Another day, another dollar..."

[Another day, another dollar...]

[o]17:09 Its Monday, and this week I am working a 15:30 - 00:00 shift, which kinda sucks, as its very hard for my body clock to adjust. I'm sitting here with gritty eyeballs at the moment, and I've still got 7 hours to go. ick.

No post yesterday, I was restin'. Started playing Final Fantasy VIII last night, and its cool. Actually getting places with it!

Hunting Party was excellent, so I'm in the process of gathering up the other books in the series. Started Sten last night, hope its as good!

Noticed that Ramon has linked me up from his links page, so if you got here from his site, HI!

I've also submitted to a few search engines,we'll just have to wait and see if there is any effect.

Did a little job before I came into work today, fixing a CD-ROM drive for one of Leslie's friends. The drive had been out of action for ages, and they needed to install some software. Fixed that and got 20 quid and a bottle of Grand Marnier for my trouble. Have to add that to my stock of stuff in the freezer. Freezer, you say?! Yep, I keep my spirits in the freezer. I prefer them that way!

[o]18:08 Actually, does anyone know of a site where you could list the contents of your liquor freezer^Hcabinet and have it produce a list of cocktails for you?

I've currently got :

Bottle of black rum
Blackcurrant vodka
Cranberyr vodka
Irish Whisky
Grand Marnier

I shudder to think what I could do with that little lot!

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