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07/10/2001 Entry: "Caffeine is good.... Mmmmmm!"

[Caffeine is good.... Mmmmmm!]

[o]18:11 Shlurp...


Doncha just love a good caffeine kick! This shift is really wrecking me :( I need the caffeine to keep sane. Uh. Functioning, I mean.

Sten is turing out to be a cracker too, and it looks like I'm going to have to buy loads of books in the near future to keep up with the addiction.

Better do some more overtime so!

Leslie is heading over to America to do a business deal which should help a great deal. I can't go due to financial and work commitments, but I may get to go over later in the year. Here's hoping!

The Grand Marnier kicks ass! I tried a snifter of it last night, and boy is it smooth. Next thing is to do a Hot Chocolate with it :)

*thinks* Must ring me Mum, it's been a while.

new logoBuilt a new logo for the top of the page, as the old one was a bit big and clunky. Now, since I have all the artistic talents of a rock, I must point out that I did not do it myself. I used the webGFX TRY-O-MAT at That site really ROCKS!

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Hi Alan!
Big cheers here for you, thanks for linking my 'Where is Ramon' map.


Posted by Ludo @ 07/11/2001 02:11 AM GMT

Hi Ludo,

No problem, mate. Thanks for providing the cool map for all of us following Ramon's journey.




Posted by Alan @ 07/11/2001 04:15 PM GMT

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