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07/11/2001 Entry: "More tweaks on the design"

[More tweaks on the design]

[o]19:54 Added a few more tweaks to the design, turned on subject headers on posts (can't imagine why I didn't notice that until now!) and put together a cute little 135 byte gif file [[o]] to highlight the start of a new entry within a day.

Its amazing how flexible this greymatter software is!

Sometime over the next few days I'm going to tidy up the Posted by alan etc. line at the end of each post. I have some ideas for some little graphics that might work out.

I've also added a section to the sidebar for seti, with links to the seti page, my current seti count, and my and aol's stats.

Finished Sten last night, and started on Ringworld. Looking good so far!

Ludo, from ludo's map of ramon's journey posted a comment thanking me for the link. I think its great what he's doing, the map is a great visual of Ramon's journey. I wonder how his bandwidth is holding up? :)

[o]20:41 This kicks ass, pun intended, check it out! Also, home of the Frog in a Blender and other delights,

[o]23:34 Man, I just HAD to share this link. It's an article called Care and Feeding of your Hacker [official site is here], and I wish to $DEITY some of my past and present employers could read this. This is so accurate, in describing me, about 85%, I'd say, that it's scary. Its kinda freaky to read something like this, and realise that you can be analysed down to this level, as a group of people. I know loads of people to whom this applies, and I've sent them links to it. I'll be really interested to hear what they think.

Sheesh. It's like looking into a mirror. And not a badly distorted one at that.

Of course, the other aspect of this is that I realise fully now that I am not 'weird'. I'm just a hacker. Cool!

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