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07/12/2001 Entry: "I've got a business card..."

[I've got a business card...]

[o]19:43 Very snazzy it is too, looks dead professional. Must get a scan so i can show it off :)

The only thing is that they spelt my name wrong, McDonald instead of MacDonald. Not a biggie, you'd think, but it's NOT MY NAME!

I didn't arrange for them, Leslie did, and I've got 500 of them now, so I'll have to get through them as fast as possible. Must also hunt out a cardholder as well, not enough room in the wallet.

Posted a message on Ramon's message board.

Name: Alan MacDonald
Country: Waterford, Ireland
Sent: 5.16 PM - 7/12 2001


[Preface -> This is all /my/ personal opinion, I am not preaching!]

I have to say, when Ramon came along, that I was delighted that he was staying with me. I was more worried that he might find fault with me or my hospitality than that he might be 'taking advantage'.

I mean, my place is not exactly large, and I didn't have an internet connection 'on site', it was at a friends house.

But as far as I am concerned, he didn't 'take advantage'. He was a great guest, interesting to talk to. I entertained and took care of him as best as I could, and sent him on his way. I vastly enjoyed the whole time.

But, I did it in my own way. I didn't bring him to pubs, because I'm not a pub goer. There is nothing wrong with pubs, it's just I don't do that much. I do visit pubs with my friends every now and then, but I don't really go that often. I'm much more of a stay-at-home, or visit cinema type of guy, and I'm assuming that that's part of what Ramon's journey is about. Meeting other people and seeing the differences in how people live. So we had a party at my place, some good friends came over, I cooked Jambalaya, we watched a few DVD's, (after a mad voting session on what to watch, talk about herding cats *grin*), had a few drinks, and had a good time.

The bottom line on all this as far as I am concerned is the concept of 'hospitality'. The needs of the guest are very important, and as much as possible should be done to make them welcome and comfortable. I freely admit I have what some people would consider archaic views on this, the whole concept of the 'honoured guest'. You have to always be conscious of their needs, and make sure that you take care of anything they need.

I dunno, I'm just like that. It's the way I was raised.

Please don't anyone take this up the wrong way, this is just my own opinion, and how /I/ do things.



Seems some people have been getting heated over a misunderstanding in Cork, and it's sort of taking over the board. *Ack*. This is not the sort of thing I was hoping for when Ramon came to Ireland! :(

Ramon asked in one of his latest reports for previous hosts to put something on the boards, so I did.

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