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07/13/2001 Entry: "TGIF"


[o]16:03 On a fairly long ADSL call. Its not all that hard to troubleshoot, just tedious.

Anyway, it's Friday, so I'm not all that bothered.

Ack. I've just had my shifts changed again for next Monday and Tuesday. Ick.

I'm going to have a bash at Battlefaeries. Check it out, it rather rocks. My team is team Syxwyche, around level 240 or so, have a go if you think you are hard enough. :)

[o]20:55 I've been hacking away, and the poll script on the right is the result. Can't get the results link to work correctly, though :(

[o]21:04 *hack* *Hack* *HACK*

Fixed the damn thing! Yay! Now I have to go to my friend Helen's house for dinner. I was supposed to be there ages ago, but I got caught up hacking. *SORRY HELEN!* :-D

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