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07/17/2001 Entry: "Bodyclocks are funny things"

[Bodyclocks are funny things]

[o]15:57 Except when they go wrong. I still feel incredibly disjointed. Still, I have been doing a 930am-6pm shift for over a year, and now I'm back on shifts. Also, I keep being too agreeable, and saying 'Yes' when I'm asked to do some incredibly odd combination of shifts. Tonight, 'frinstance, I'm off at 10pm, and I'm due back in here tomorrow morning at 8am. Since I've been going to sleep around 4am, thats gonna suck rocks.

Hmmm. Alan is a bit of a moaner today. I'd say my biorythms suck at the moment, lets just check... Yup, my physical line is at rock bottom. Sounds about right *grin*.

Anyway, back to work :)

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It's not you Alan! It's my IE that wouldn't let me get to the comments. Realized it was doing the same sort of thing on other sites. Navigator is better for that sort of thing and secure sites that give IE problems. I have some books on jet lag - and remember: Just Say No.

Posted by Lynnie @ 07/17/2001 10:19 PM GMT

Thanks for the info, I was getting worried for a sec. :)

Yep, jet-lagged is about right. It's 8:06 am, and I got to sleep about 5am. Its gonna be a fun day :)



Posted by Alan @ 07/18/2001 08:06 AM GMT

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