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07/19/2001 Entry: "Angst angst angst"

[Angst angst angst]

[o]11:20 Yep, I was right on Tuesday. It did suck rocks. I got about 1.5 hours sleep, between 5am and 630, and the day was ... interesting. In the chinese proverb sense.

This explains why there was no posting yesterday. I was in a fairly foul mood, and I didn't want to vent here.

Saw Kundun on RTE 2 last night. That movie is very cool. I just missed the last 10 minutes or so, because NTL dropped the cable connection. Again. Thats happening way too often these days. Must complain.... nah. Couldn't be bothered. We're supposed to be getting a whole raft of new channels soon, looking forward to that.

I'm off tomorrow, and working Saturday and Sunday, followed by Monday off again. Its a weird pattern, but I could really do with a rest tomorrow!

[o]11:47 Urg. Just made a horrible mistake. I've updated the gm-library.cgi file to support my own editing keys when adding and editing entries (adding in the little green blob [o], and amazon referral code), and instead of uploading my changes to that, I uploaded gm-templates.cgi. From the 11th. Arg. So all my edits on templates dissappeared. Luckily, I had not done that much, so it only took a little bit of time to fix. Just putting back the Poll, and some other minor stuff. I really need some coffee! *grin*

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