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07/22/2001 Entry: "The good and the bad"

[The good and the bad]

[o]09:22 Went to see Jurassic Park 3 yesterday, and I enjoyed it except for 1 thing. Not giving anything away, but the couple who are along for the trip must be going for Darwin Awards. They scream and shout when they should be silent (using a megaphone (!)at one stage) and run away when they should be absolutely still. It drove me bonkers, I wanted to feed them to the raptors myself!

It reminded me of the character Teri Halloran (Lauren Holly) in Turbulence. In that movie, she's locked into the cockpit of a 747 with psycho Ryan Weaver (Ray Liotta) outside. He's killed everyone on the plane, and then he's at the door asking her to open it. She's on the radio to ground control, who's screaming at her not to open the door, and what does she do?

Opens the door, of course.

At that point I ejected the tape, because I was getting too wound up. The character in question is legendary among my friends for crass stupidity.

On the other hand, Sexy Beast is a smashing film. The whole thing is a very simple story, retired gangster Gel (Ray Winstone) in Spain is asked to to another 'job', doesn't want to do it, but doesn't know how to say no to Don (Ben Kingsley). Kingsley is what makes this movie. He doesn't just chew up the scenery, he completely devours it and spits it out. Best bad guy in ages. See it!

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So that's what that Ray Liotta movie was called. I started watching it later. Yeah, I was screaming at the chick not to be stupid, to just get away from him. Want to know what happens? So is Jurassic Park III not as bad as the critics say? I'm just a low-brow except for pretty basic "that can't happen!" stuff. Have you been to Pretty interesting.

Posted by Lynnie @ 07/22/2001 10:33 AM GMT


Yeah, that 'screaming at the chick' in Turbulence seems to be the standard response.

Jurassic Park III is not too bad, I give it a 6/10. You have to leave your brain at the door, and be prepared to bite your tongue to stop from screaming at the two idiots and their antics. Theres a bit where you know that Dr. Grant's assistant, Billy Brennan, has done something monumentally stupid, and you're left sort of puzzled as to what he is trying to accomplish.

The special effects are cool, especially the bit where you find out that the T-Rex ain't the baddest thing in the area!

Some other stuff is telegraphed, but I suppose there's nothing else they could do. is a regular haunt!



Posted by Alan @ 07/22/2001 01:03 PM GMT

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