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07/24/2001 Entry: "Ouch!"


[o]14:41 Oh my GOD! Look at this! I'll have more in a while, gotta go for some training, but OH MY GOD!

Alternatively referred to by professional ferret-handlers as "shark-of-the-land" a "piranha with feet," "fur-coated evil," and "the only four legged creature in existence that kills just for kicks," the common domesticated ferret -- Mustela putorius -- has the spinal flexibility of a snake and the jaw musculature of a pit bull. Rabbits, rats, and even frogs run screaming from hiding places when confronted with a ferret. Ferreters -- those who hunt with ferrets, as opposed to putting them in their pants -- sit around and tell tales of rabbits running toward hunters to surrender after gazing into the torch-red eyes of an oncoming ferret.

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... only in England. What they need is a good war - keep all the soccer hooligans, orangemen, etc. occupied in what their genes are wanting them to do.

Posted by Lynnie @ 07/25/2001 01:25 AM GMT

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