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07/25/2001 Entry: "Virus writers should all burn in hell"

[Virus writers should all burn in hell]

[o]13:33 Blast them. I have complete sympathy for this point of view. Leslie made the mistake of double clicking on an attachment, and we got the W32/SirCam@MM worm. We have a small network, and it zipped across to infect both machines. Damn and blast it.

I was able to clean the first PC, but the second one freezes when it gets into safe mode, and you need safe mode to kill the beast. :( The antivirus software can't kill it because its active. I had a nightmare time last night trying to get the machine to boot normally, but now its up, and its staying up now because I have access to the cd burner. We're going to burn out all of our html and graphics files and data files, and then I'm going to zap the machine with the rescue CD.

This thing is going to cost maybe 3-4 days of lost time.


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I have gotten 9 emails from a hotel in Florence the last two days that I MAY have emailed in May about room availability. All the emails have different Subjects and corresponding attachment names ending in .exe.bat The body says Hi! * How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks *

Some are in English, some Italian.

But I'm not prone to attack
I've got an iMac
and I'm so glad
cause worms are BAD

Posted by Lynnie @ 07/25/2001 11:58 PM GMT

Oh hey! Just read the article. I got a virus! I was quite upset nobody loved me and sent me the lovebug virus. I keep hearing about these things, but have never gotten them. Now I feel better - I got a famous virus.

- repeat cheesy poem -

Sorry for all the trouble you went through Alan, PCs are enough of a pain without a worm, but I do love my Macs.

Posted by Lynnie @ 07/26/2001 12:03 AM GMT

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