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07/27/2001 Entry: "Stream of consciousness"

[Stream of consciousness]

[o]13:12 or lack thereof, possibly.

Katherine is moving house tomorrow, and I wish I could help, but I have to rescue the PC that got virused. Urg.

Virus writers suck, and are the lowest form of amoeboid pond scum. GET A LIFE!

Just started my lunch break. Its been a hectic couple of days, hence no post yesterday, as I had about 13 minutes off the phones. It's summer and people are taking holidays, naturally enough.

Read in Ramon's latest report that there is a heatwave on in the UK at the moment. Not bad here either. :)

I've got 2 weeks hols in mid-August coming up, hope its nice then too! I'm gonna throw a dart at a map of Ireland and head off on the bike, and see what happens.

Some more of my clients got hit by the SirCAM worm. That bites. Lots of info on the net about getting rid of it, thankfully. Try here and here.

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