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07/30/2001 Entry: "It's the start of another week."

[It's the start of another week.]

[o]10:52 and we're still dealing with the fallout from that darn virus. It really sucks.

We're going to lose about 4 days of productivity down to this. Ah well. It's certianly going to teach Leslie not to open attachments!

Bought some DVD's to cheer myself up. I got Oh brother where art thou, Payback, The Living Daylights, and the Predator boxed set. Mmmmmm good! I had a bit of a videveg last night, very nice :)

I'm editing up my gm-library.cgi file to add in smilies, its fun :)

More later

[o]11:47 Meet the smilies:

Lil' Divil

These guys will be popping in from time to time with their own agenda

[o]13:54 Just noticed that I haven't got a favicon.ico, as I got a 404 error report when someone added my site as a favourite. It's cool that someone has bookmarked me, and will come back (hopefully). Here, just for you, is a new smilie --> Meet Wavey!

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Nice blog!

Could you please tell me how to do that also? I'd really appreciate it! :-)

quote: "I'm editing up my gm-library.cgi file to add in smilies, its fun :)"

Posted by DLashley @ 12/22/2002 01:46 PM GMT

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