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08/01/2001 Entry: "Musings..."


[o]11:22 Found an interesting weblog a few days ago, Kerr's. It's the first one I've added to my list of blogs, so I must email him and tell him. Hi Kerr!

Mucho changes coming up. That list of links on the left is getting too big to manage, so I'm probably going to just add in a links page to handle it all. I might even get a link handling script. Just because I can. I want this site to have so many bells, whistles, nobs and doodads that it would make Heath Robinson spin rapidly in his grave. .

The virused machine is slowly coming back to normal, hopefully by the weekend it will be sorted.

I'm working on putting together the mods I've put into gm-library.cgi into a patch to be released on the Greymatter patch site. Once it's finished, I'll keep a link to it here as well.

[o]12:47 Hmmm. Just had a crystalisation. I'm going to have to get one of those PDA jobbies. I would really love to be able to update this on the fly from anywhere.

What would also be cool would be a method of updating this via email. Send a specially formatted email to a specific email address, and have it entered into the blog. Now that would be incredibly difficult. Hmmm. I'll have to go away and have a think about that.

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Alan (frosty)

You know i love the web site but when i saw the little faces on the site i had to leave a comment they are just the cutest especially the first one that waves at Kerr. Awww!

Keep up the good work
Suzanne :O)

Posted by Suzanne @ 08/01/2001 07:56 PM GMT


Thanks for that :)

Yeah, of course I know your email address, its &%*%$$%

Posted by Alan @ 08/02/2001 12:26 PM GMT

I love all the green faces you have on here. They're fun and exciting.

Posted by sic codes @ 04/10/2003 12:13 AM GMT

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