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08/03/2001 Entry: "End of the week = Happiness!"

[End of the week = Happiness!]

[o]15:43 Ok, it's Friday. Payday too. woohoo! I'm going on a cineveg tonight, unless the lads want to meet in Tramore. I'll probably see Swordfish and Rush Hour 2. Yeah, yeah, I could watch one tonight and one tomorrow, but I want maximum gratification NOW!

The pc is pretty much back up at this stage. I have the hard disk rebuilt, and I have an image of it in its pristine installed state on the other hard disk. Anything goes wrong, I just nuke and reinstall.

Check out Now THATS weird!

More later, maybe :)

[o]17:21 Well, its nearly closing time, and I'm doing the tedious job of releasing my updated casebases. Listening to Die Fantastischen Vier, a band that really ROCKS.

Found out I might be going over to Bristol for 2 weeks. Hope it doesn't clash with my holidays. That would suck.

The only thing about it is that I am going to have to fly. I hate flying. It's getting worse every time. The last time I came back from Bristol was a nightmare. Now, I have extremely good spatial awareness. I never get lost, and maps are easy for me. So, I look out the window beside me, and I see the runway approaching. The aircraft swings around, and I can tell we are lined up on the runway. We fly along, going up and down, side to side like a wild creature, and then the damn plane rolls 90 degrees to the right, and I'm looking to my left, only I'm not, I'm looking up, and the people beside me are hanging on to their seats for dear life. This went on for what felt like 30 seconds, but was probably only about 5. I could even see in my minds eye the captain wrestling with the goddam control yoke. The lady next to me was white as a sheet, and when she opened her eyes and looked at me she could see that I was bricking it too. So, she reached over and held my hand. I mean, a complete stranger, and we were holding hands. It was freaky. It did help though. When we landed. OH GOD! That was so good. The releif was intense. You know the way they tell you not to leave your seat until the plane has stopped moving? You weren't going to move me without 3 sticks of dynamite and a crowbar. My ass had puckered up so bad, I was welded to the seat with the vacuum!

I walked off that plane, or rather wobbled off on the two pillars of jelly formerly known as my legs, and went straight in search of a stiff drink. Could I find one? Nah! So I get in the taxi to the hotel and zing at the driver, he must have thought I was a LOON!

So, anyways, I get to the hotel, and its late, and the Bar is closed. Narf. So I go up to my room and drink all the tea and coffee there, snarf the biscuits, discover a king size snickers in the bottom of my bag, gobble that, and sit there in a glow of caffeine and whatever molecules do the nasty for chocolate. I was a long time coming down.

And now I'm gonna have to do it again. Grrr. I'd rather go over on a ferry, and use the motorbike, but I don't think I'm going to be allowed.

Anyway, I've vented now. So thats better. Still don't wanna fly though. I don't think its natural. Well, it might be physically possible, its just not mentally great for me. It's odd. I don't mind bombing along on the motorbike, but that's just because I'm in control.

Ah well.

I'll just take enough Dramamine to make me woozy, and suck it up.


[o]17:52 I'm just chatting to my friend Tom over in england, who has read my latest report, and is calling me a Wuss. For thos of you in the states, that probably means something different. Basically, he's being less than sympathetic. The swine!

[o]17:57 Had to take a call while talking to Tom. Sorry, Tom! When I go over to Bristol, I'm going to try and get up to see him in Manchester. Been meaning to do it for a while .... but it involves flying!

Anyway, I have to nip off - my casebases are fresh out of the release process, and now I have to distribute them.

I might pop back just before I leave....

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Saw Rush Hour 2 tonight. If there was a tape of Jackie Chan outtakes, I'd buy it! Wonder who it was who called Chris Rock? Now THAT was funny!

Posted by Lynnie @ 08/04/2001 11:56 PM GMT

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