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08/09/2001 Entry: "You gotta read this!"

[You gotta read this!]

[o]18:52 Rocket Car

"The sequence of events that followed happened so damned fast that I'm surprised my mind was able to record everything that occurred. But even though parts of this story have grown foggy over the years, the memory of the actual Flight of the Rocket Car remains crystal-clear. "

It's a bit long, but its a great read!

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Not sure if I believe it, someone somewhere disproved it once.(how unclear is that). But I did see a rocket powered Dragcar race on some Reality TV program a few months ago. The car weight 8 billion tons and generated 6 billion horsepower or something like that anyway.


Posted by Tom @ 08/10/2001 10:21 AM GMT

Right, right.

Keep taking the medication, there, Tom, (grin)



Posted by Alan @ 08/10/2001 05:55 PM GMT

Have a look at his than:

Posted by Tom @ 08/10/2001 09:12 PM GMT

I want one of those for Christmas!




Posted by Alan @ 08/12/2001 04:50 PM GMT

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