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08/16/2001 Entry: "Relaxin' and Chillin"

[Relaxin' and Chillin]

[o]14:17 I'm relaxing, on holiday at the moment. Its the first one I've had in AGES, and I'm really making the most of it. The weather sucks at the moment, so I have not been out much on the bike, but I hope that happens soon.

ICON, the Waterford RPG convention is on this weekend, and that should be lots of fun. I've got friends staying over at my place for the weekend. Ashley and Hilary are over from England, and they're probably bringing over a bottle of Vodka as usual, its normally some insane flavoured version, Ilove it. I've also got a friend of Katherines', Justin, staying with me as his accommodation fell through. Seamus is still here too, so it's going to be a crowded house!

I'll tell all after the weekend. Who knows, I may even get to post an entry while I'm there.

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