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08/21/2001 Entry: "Still on holiday"

[Still on holiday]

[o]14:26 But the weather sucks big time. I wanted to head off to Donegal where there is a huge sea-cliff (2,000 feet straight down) but I need 3-4 clear days for that. I love my bike, but I don't like getting soaked!

So, I've mostly been chillin' at home, playing the playstation. I bought Driver 2 - very dissappointing game. If I had rented it before I bought it, I woul dnever have bought it. The game is just too damn hard. I'm pretty good at driving games, but the programmers here were just lazy. Rather than just nicely judge the difficulty, with all the effort that entails, they just went for stonkingly difficult. The second mission in Havana, where you have to hijack an ammunition truck, is completely broken. There's 3 possible ways for the truck to head from the starting position, and if it heads any way except straight ahead, when you try and make the turn to follow it, the escort car rams you and totals you, with no possibility of escape. Thats just nuts. I only made it through after a stroke of luck in which the escort car totalled itself somehow. Ah well!

I'm going to see Planet of the Apes tonight, let you know what I think tomorrow.


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