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09/04/2001 Entry: "Insanely busy"

[Insanely busy]

[o]15:11 I'm completely plum tuckered out. I've been working all the hours $DEITY sends, and it's getting silly at this stage. There's no end in sight.

Ah well, I always was one for biting off more than I can chew.

Having 2 jobs is probably rightly regarded as being daft, but I can't stand being idle. Its sick. I'm an incredibly lazy person with a work ethic! *groan*

I've got a new site coming up soon, just managed to get the cgi scripts behind it working (only took 2 hours). Doncha just hate those daft mistakes you make, right at the beginning, that screw the whole deal right from the get-go?

E.G. -> this happened to a friend of mine (who shall remain nameless to preserve his diginity). He was installing a CDrom drive into his pc, and he goes through the whole rigmarole of opening the PC up, plugging in and fitting the drive, booting up Windows, and installing the drivers from the floppy disk. Reboots the last time to get the drivers to 'take', and he gets:

Invalid disk or system, please strike any key.

and goes into a complete panic. Opens the machine, unplugs plugs in, switches connections, all sorts of stuff, swaps hard disks around, all to no avail, the machine still won't boot. This goes on for about 2 hours, he's panicing all the way, until he notices....

He never took the driver floppy out of the machine!

Ah well. It can happen to anyone.

And no, it was not me. I've done MUCH stupider things in my time, maybe I'll tell ye about them sometime, but not today, have to go back to work!

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