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09/05/2001 Entry: "Lovely sunny day"

[Lovely sunny day]

[o]10:54 And I'm stuck in work *grin*

It's not too bad, especially after my morning coffee! Just checking up on my emails, and one of them never fails to cheer me up, Heroic Stories. Here's their actual link text :

"Fun, short, true, non-religious stories about real people who step up to help others. Free e-mail subscription! See for details."

It's really good stuff, I'd advise you to sign up for it. There's too much bad news these days, and it does a mind good to get some good news in the morning! If you want to sign up for it, simply send a blank email address to

I'm going home at the weekend to connect my mum up to the internet. Woo Hoo! I've bought a really good external modem, same as always, same as the one I got my brother, and soon she'll be online, and able to email and browse the web. She's into competitions, and the web is full of stuff about that. I'll let ye know when it comes up, so you can say 'HI!' . Incidentally, I'll be signing her up for as well!

Actually, thinking about it, here are a couple of other mailing lists I'm on. These are mailing lists I've been subscribed to for ages. I always make sure I resubscribe when I move email addresses.

By the way, this list is in no particular order, it's just the order they happened to be in my inbox .

BTW, please note that all of the list owners below are STRONGLY anti-spam. I've been signed up to some of the following lists for years, and I've never had any spam from them.

With that in mind, however, it is always best to be prudent. For other lists I use the SpamMotel -, which allows you to generate throw-away email addresses that forward to a nominated email address you own. If one of the organisations you give an email address to starts to spam through it, you simply turn it off. Its a great system, works well, and even has a downloadable tool that you can use to generate the email addresses. Highly Recommended!

The Langa List - run by Fred Langa, it's a great collection of tips, hints, programs and information. Sign up at Also, check out, a site to test your browser (almost) to destruction, and, which is a cool new site every day.
Email Signup Link ->

This Is True - Run by Randy Cassingham, who reports on bizarre but true stories from legitimate newspapers from around the world (never "tabloids"). Very funny. Incidentally, this is the same guy who runs the Heroic Stories list. Subscribe at
Email Signup Link ->

Tourbus - Run by Patrick Douglas Crispen and Bob Rankin. This is the first email newsletter I ever signed up for, and that must be five years ago. I have kept up the subscription ever since, and have also paid to sign up for Tourbus Plus, so yes, it's that good! Subscribe at
Email Signup Link -> There does not appear to be one available.

Randy's Random - This is also run by Randy Cassingham, and is basically random pieces of humour that he comes accross. It's not actually advertised on his websites as far as I can tell, but he mentions it from time to time in his other lists.
Email Signup Link ->

Lockergnome - Run by Chris Pirillo, this is a very good newsletter loaded with new shareware/freeware programs and tips for Windows. Subscribe at
Email Signup Link -> There does not appear to be one available.

The Naked PC - Run by T.J. Lee, Lee Hudspeth and Dan Butler, The Naked PC is another list featuring articles on using Windows and interesting shareware / Freeware. You can subscribe at
Email Signup Link -> There does not appear to be one available.

Weird Side E-zine - Run by Dirk, this newsletter features some very offbeat websites, and strange facts and news. It's very funny, and makes for interesting browsing!. Sign up at
Email Signup Link -->

The Cameron Column - This is a humour list by Bruce Cameron, who has produced some of the funniest articles that have appeared on the web. Check out his website at, and some of his previous columns are available at
Email Signup Link -->

Byte Newsletter - Run by the people who ran the dead-tree version of Byte magazine. It's still easily one of the best, most authoritative newsletters around. Huge amounts of very useful information.To subscribe, go to, put a tick in ' Weekly Update (Text Only)', fill in your email address, and then click Subscribe. Incidentally, when reading it, I always go to the Chaos Manor column, by Jerry Pournelle. His website is It's huge, just a bit strangely laid out. Persevere, however, as there is huge amounts of information in there!
Email Signup Link -> There does not appear to be one available.

Right, I've finished all but two of the lists. I'm just putting the links in here, and will finish off tomorrow.

Neat Net Tricks Hmmm -> cannot seem to access subscribe info -> will pop it up tomorrow

Jeepers! Didn't realise there was so many of them!

I'm going home now, enjoy that little lot

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