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09/20/2001 Entry: "New Horizons...."

[New Horizons....]

[o]10:01 Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but things have been changing.

I've moved departments at work, and I'm much happier now. I'm much more in contact with the customers, and I get to help people. Thats cool.

I actually look forward to coming in to work again. I haven't felt that way for over a year, and people are going around commenting on the big stupid grin I've got plastered all over my face.

I'm going back up to my mum's at the weekend with a laptop. Her internet access is really slow, and I want to fix that. I'm going to use the laptop (a known good connection device) to check out whether or not it's the phone lines that are causing the problems. If it is, I'm gonna get onto eircom to fix it, soonest.

Just took a call. A customer called up just to thank me for my help in sorting his connection problems out! How cool is that?

Anyway, I'm back to work.

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