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09/22/2001 Entry: "Fixed Mums' internet, woo-hoo!"

[Fixed Mums' internet, woo-hoo!]

[o]10:58 Yeah!

*boogie* *boogie* *boogie* *pose* *boogie* *boogie* *spin* *point*

/me dances in the endzone

Downloaded N drivers and flash upgrades for Mums' modem, and it was the N-1th that I tried that worked. (BTW, N was a large damn number!)

Now my Mum has reliable connections and decent internet speeds, rather than 200bps, and disconnects. YAY!

Also, I took a few photo's of the kitten, who is absolutely incredible. Mum found her abandoned on the side of the road, and you would expect that a cat that had been abandoned and mistreated like that would have .... attitude problems. But no, this cat is the sweetest damn thing I have ever come accross. Sweet, brave, inquisitive, and she purrs like an outboard motor the second you pick her up. That is, if you get a chance to, before she jumps into your lap. I think she is about 8 to 10 weeks old, and if I was not living in rented accommodation, Mum would have to mount a 24 hour guard, 'cos otherwise I'd catnap her :)

Here's some piccies:

Kitty Piccy 1
Kitty Piccy 2
Kitty Piccy 3

Anyway, I'm off for some breakfast, and to tease the kitty with the string again :)

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