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09/26/2001 Entry: "Fun and games"

[Fun and games]

[o]11:44 I really hate supporting a system where the actual fitting and physical troubleshooting is carried out by a third party. Our procedures and people here are top notch, and really dedicated. We have to deal with a system that is screwing our customers, and we are stuck with the blame. We're between a rock and a hard place, and it sucks.


Ah well. Rant over.

That was a bad call!

Today I start on another new duty, training and supervising a group of temps. This should be fun. I love training, its what I want to do eventually full time.

Saw the last episode of The West Wing last night. It rocked! I can't wait until it comes back again, probably next year. Ah well, at least we have season 3 of The Sopranos coming up instead. Might try to get into that, heard its good.

That's all for now, maybe more later.

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