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09/29/2001 Entry: "Random Ramblings"

[Random Ramblings]

[o]13:44 My temps are coming in at 14:00 today, and they are doing a great job so far. This is good, I'd look pretty sick if it went wrong.

Mum is heading down to Cork next month for a visit, and it's cool -> she's able to lookat B&B's on the internet. There's something up with her email, though, not sure what it is. I'm going to go home next weekend and try and sort it out. I'll stick pc-anywhere on her PC when I do, and be able to look at it from here then. That will make a whole lot of difference.

While I'm at it, I'll probably shove it on Richard's PC too. PC-Anywhere has definitely pulled my nuts from the roaster on a couple of occasions - in one case, saving me from a trip from Waterford to Galway, which is a bit of a damn distance!


Whats on in the cinema? Oh yeah, as an aside before I head to look, my cinema, while good, sometimes sucks badly. They are not showing the Final Fantasy movie, nor are they gonna show A Knights Tale. The manager says that there is no demand. At least, I think that's what he said. His head was shoved so far up his ass that it was rather muffled.

Hmm. The Score is on. Might check that out.

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your not missing much a knights tale is pretty bad - in fact its really bad. I love a bit of medieval drama etc etc but this was just the pits. Sorry to burst your bubble Alan and our cinema here in waterford is pretty bad compared to some of the cinemas in dublin.

Posted by suzanne @ 10/13/2001 04:06 PM GMT

... but not as bad as the one in Wexford. At least you've got more of a choice. I've lost track of the number of times they have cut off the end of the movie (the credits, but it's still part of it). There are three screens but if it's considered a children's movie (like Shrek) it only shows in the afternoon. I have come back from the U.S. with videotapes of movies that are just starting to show at the theater. They let you stand in line for 20 minutes instead of putting a sign up or making an announcement that a movie is sold out and then say that you would have missed the beginning anyway because you were late. (not standing in line for 20 minutes!)

Speaking of children's movies, when is Monsters Inc. coming out??

Posted by Lynnie @ 10/15/2001 10:24 PM GMT

At least we have a cinema. I was around when the old one was knocked down and they were building the new one. That sucked bad!

Knights Tale..... Hmmm I think I'll still rent it when it comes out, see if'n I like it.

Wahey, Star Wars Episode 1 is out on DVD!

Posted by Alan @ 10/16/2001 08:18 PM GMT

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