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09/29/2001 Entry: "The Poll"

[The Poll]

[o]14:23 I was thinking of changing the poll to something to do with the events at the WTC, but whats the point?

I doubt I'd be able to get a question in there that would be anything but an overwhelming response one way or another, which sort of doesn't really mean anything.

Anyone got any ideas?

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For your poll you could say something about Muslims/Islam. After Sept. 11 do you:
Respect the Muslim faith
Understand it less

On second thought, that's not a good one because they aren't really representative of the faith. How about something about the Afghanistan people?

Do you think they are:
Poor and supressed?
Approve of the rules of the Taliban regime?

Posted by Lynnie @ 10/15/2001 10:16 PM GMT

Ummm, its something I am still thinking about, actually. I'll have to come up with something soon though :)


Posted by Alan @ 10/16/2001 08:16 PM GMT

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