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11/21/2001 Entry: "Where's Alan, and what have you done with the body?"

[Where's Alan, and what have you done with the body?]

[o]18:33 Wow! Posts on 3 consecutive days!

Been a fun day so far today. We had a load of calls come in due to the ADSL Outage we had yesterday, and there were 127 messages to get through. Took about 3.5 hours, but everyone who left any details at all was called back.

It's amazing how many people will hear 'leave a message after the beep .... beep' and sit there, breathing down the phone for about 30 seconds, and then hang up. How am I supposed to call them back? Did I miss the psychic training module?

I love my job. It's so pro-active. I get to call members back, kick BT in the butt to fix my members problems, and it's great. I get great feedback from the members on this, and it makes the job much easier. When you're on 1st line support, working from the playbook, you don't have that flexibility.

Oh, and sorry about this, but M$ Outlook 2000 rocks! There is absolutely no way I could keep track of all the bits of information I need and calls I have to make with a paper diary. I'm sorry, but my handwriting is atrocious, but since I have been pretty much typing everything for the last 15 years, that's not surprising. The only thing I use a pen for these days is to sign my name on Laser card stubs!

I'm finished at 2030 tonight, and seamus is recording Stargate SG-1 for me. It's the 100th episode, so I hope its' gonna be good!

Later guys :)

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