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11/22/2001 Entry: "New site goes live"

[New site goes live]

[o]20:22 Our new website went live today. It's, and it's a guesthouse and selfcatering registry for Ireland. It offers loads of stuff for clients.

They have a real time and secure booking facility from our other site, and they have an update system so that they can always go in and change their details.

I'm very excited by this project, because there's the potential to make a whole lot of money!

Today has been a busy day all day, and one item in particular. I'm trying to resolve an issue first reported a week ago, and it's a hard slog. I'll keep at it though, because when I finally get everything sorted, I swear I'll dance a jig!

Not much else happening today, and I'm finished in 4 minutes, gotta sign off.


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