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12/05/2001 Entry: "Webcam!"


Here is the current image. You'll need to manually refresh the page to see updates. I think my other webcam is bust, I'll have to look into it.

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Hey Alan, what happened with that White Stuff on your head? :-)

Posted by Ramon @ 01/03/2002 02:16 PM GMT


Great to hear from you, Ramon!

The white stuff? It's right here, baby! Though at the moment there is more grey in there than white *grin*!

Glad to see you are still travelling, I remain in awe of your courage in doing what you are doing, and follow with interest your reports on the website.

When you fill them in (hint hint!) *snigger*



Posted by Alan @ 01/03/2002 02:32 PM GMT

Yeah yeah, I am having a vacation break right now. Cozy with my girlfriend. Will go on in Feb.

Posted by Ramon @ 01/13/2002 10:58 PM GMT


Best of luck to you, hope you have a good time!

Looking forward to reading your reports again when you get back in the saddle :)



Posted by Alan @ 01/15/2002 06:06 PM GMT

Just caught your remarks about Muslims on your page. I guess you're anti-American and sympathise with the perpetrators of the horrors against them.

You sad bastard

Alan Macdonald

Posted by Alan Macdonald @ 02/08/2002 09:40 PM GMT

Nah, I'm not Anti American. Just anti idiotic, kneejerk, ill-considered base prejudice and stupidity.

You may also have noticed, under your thick brow and beetling eyebrows, the *extremely* prominent 'Internet Remembrance Campaign for Victims of Terror' logo that's displayed at the top of EVERY one of my pages.

You may even have read the text of the message that the link 'I stand in Love with my Muslim and Middle Eastern brothers under God' leads to, but I doubt it.

There are many Muslim Americans, you know. Are they terrorists? Do they automatically, without thinking (a concept you are obviously familiar with) support the terrorist assholes that did this? A further browsing of my site would have made it obvious what I think, but you don't seem to have made the effort, so I'm not going to attempt to educate you.


Posted by Alan @ 02/11/2002 10:59 AM GMT

Wow, I didn't know you got those light-headed people from Northern America getting personal.

By the way, Alan, I will be on my move again. Check website. :-)

Posted by Ramon @ 02/13/2002 01:20 AM GMT


Good luck, mate, I'll keep up with the reports.

The guy wasn't from the US, actually. I traced him back, and he posted from London. I suppose idiocy knows know borders!



Posted by Alan @ 02/13/2002 11:57 AM GMT

Hi Alan,

I just have to say, I love the site - good to always know what you're up to. Good luck with your digital installation ... trust me, once you have it you won't believe how you ever lived without it!!

In any case, I have a certain ring here on my desk ... I'm going to package and post it tomorrow. :) Sorry for the Loooooong delay!!



Posted by Odhran McConnell @ 02/24/2002 04:09 PM GMT


Yay, my ring :)

Good to hear from you. Yeah, the site does make it easy for people to keep track of me -> especially my Mum (Hi Mum!)



Posted by Alan @ 02/25/2002 10:11 AM GMT

Ah ha!! I don't have your home address ... could you send me an email with it Mr. Alan!!


Posted by Odhran McConnell @ 02/27/2002 06:38 PM GMT

Ok, lets test if comments work as well....

Posted by Alan @ 03/01/2002 11:10 AM GMT

Let me help with that test...

First time I get to look at your site and I must say nice...

also take a look at.. (hope I got the tags right) TO find out whish Transformer you are.. (me Iornhide (don't say it)).


Posted by Seamus @ 03/01/2002 01:23 PM GMT

Yep, tags are right :)

Posted by Alan @ 03/01/2002 02:14 PM GMT

Heh Frosty ;)

The web page is looking well its great to hear that you are getting on ok. Miss ya though place isnt the same without ya.

Im just back from Oz spent my birthday by the pool in 28 degrees having a real aussie barbie. It was fantastic, when i came home it was 3 degrees in Dublin. Brilliant eh :) Keep in touch mate Suzanne

Posted by Suzanne @ 03/19/2002 08:47 AM GMT


Glad to see you're back - must keep an eye out for you around town :)



Posted by Alan @ 03/20/2002 11:38 AM GMT

Hi Frosty
Long time no hear/see ;)
Hows things going with you. Ive just past the 4 year mark here (sept 14) ooh a new badge for me. You sound as if u are really busy at work :( We should meet up for a chat or send me an email so i can talk to you ( i dont know your email address sorry ;( )
write soon

Posted by Suzanne @ 10/09/2002 09:36 AM GMT

Just another Alan Macdonald (small d Macdonald) saying hi!

I'm a Canadian currently working in nasty Houston.

Best wishes of the season and new years to you.....

Posted by Alan Macdonald @ 12/30/2002 09:41 PM GMT

Wow - this is just too much. My name is Alan MacDonald - i want the domain, and i design internet/intranet using macromedia tools.... my god... if you lost 10/15 pnds, and cut that mop - i'd swear i was looking in a mirror - so hello Alan MacDonald from another Alan MacDonald ;)

if you tell me you're a leo, i'll crap my pants and fall backwards.

best of luck to you in everything you do.

Alan MacDonald - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(i s'pose ya smoke a li'l leaf now and again too ~;)

Posted by Alan MacDonald @ 01/27/2003 09:23 AM GMT

Hia Alan,
Here I am on my last day working for the Corpo, trawling the internet... And what do I discover?
my majorly geeky, web enabled friend has not updated his page in ages. Tut Tut!

Wish me luck cos I'll be leaving for my holidays in 2 hours.

Love Kip

Posted by Kip @ 04/04/2003 09:49 AM GMT

We should be careful about actually giving the word, Anti-American, meaning. It's a propaganda term.

Think of other examples, anti-italian, or anti-finnish! The word sounds silly, right?

The term anti-(nation), i.e. anti-russian, or anti-american exists only for totalitarian states. The term comes for a strong advertising compagin run by big businesses in the US after the passing of the Wagner Act of 1936 which gave workers new rights.

Posted by Jesse Gersenson @ 02/03/2004 11:46 AM GMT

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Posted by Chiraag @ 01/15/2005 03:28 PM GMT

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