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12/27/2001 Entry: "Posting my Journal Entries from the Palm"

[Posting my Journal Entries from the Palm]

[o]20/12/01 22:48 This is my first diary entry on the palm. I got it 2 days ago and I'm just getting the hang of it.

Went to see Lord of the Rings last night, and it does truly rock!

Did a whole lot of work over at Leslies this evening, working on George Corbett's website. I am getting up really early tomorrow morning to do some more. Thankfully, my mum is coming down to pick me up at noon, so there is a limit on how much i am going to have to do.

More later :)

[o]21/12/01 0:58
late night - crap on tv - early start.


[o]21/12/01 1:05 Celebrity Deathmatch Rules!

"Thats disturbing, Johnny!"

[o]21/12/01 15:13 In the car on the way home. Freezing my butt off! Must remember to wear my coat next time. Looking forward to getting home & seeing the cat. Ill also be fixing mums PC so she can email properly.

More later.

[o]21/12/01 15:38 Uncle Kracker rules!

[o]21/12/01 16:32 The cat is huge!

[o]21/12/01 16:52 Big shopping tomorrow!

[o]21/12/01 21:54 just watching program on WWII.

I want to say - I am very grateful for what all those people did, all the people who fought. I know who they are. I know what they did. I know what they sacrificed - because they gave it to me by their actions.

[o]26/12/01 15:16 Going home!

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