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01/15/2002 Entry: "Isn't it amazing..."

[Isn't it amazing...]

[o]17:54 How come some companies just do not *get* it?

KPMG is a company that purports to be a company that will advise you on your internet presence, and would thereby seem to be advertising themselves as a company that knows how the web works. So you'd think that they would be happy to have people link to their website, wouldn't you? Oops. Some links worked there way in there. Sorry!

Apparently not! According to this website, they actually need to have an agreement before anyone could link to their website. Dang. A few more crept in there.

If these guys had any CLUE about how the internet worked, they wouldn't dream of sending such an email! Already, if you do a search on altavista to see how many sites link to them, the figure is over 15,000. What the hell did they think they were going to accomplish?


Anyway, a few more links have popped up on the web pointing to KPMG.

Funny that when you try to tell the internet community what it can and cannot do, or try to take away our basic rights to do and/or say pretty much whatever the fuck we want, that the community turns around and bites you on the ass!

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