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02/22/2002 Entry: "It's Friday"

[It's Friday]


Note to Self: Gonna have to start updating this a bit more often -> looks lame otherwise.

Well, its the end of another week, and it's been a good one. Got lots of work done, mostly 2 huge updates to, adding in new features etc. If anyone is interested, you can see the announcements here.

Not sure what I am going to do this weekend....

Oh, I know, just for fun, lets ring NTL and ask about *snigger* digital service ...


*sad elevator music on hold*
time passes...
*sad elevator music on hold*
time passes...
*sad elevator music on hold*

/me bangs head on desk.

ah well, i'll keep typing, it's a freephone number anyway...

Got the Harry Potter books on audio cd, well the first three anyway. They rock, and it's nice to go to sleep with Stephen Fry reading a bedtime story .

17:18 still on hold.

My arm's getting sore holding this damn phone. I miss my AOL headset.

17:19 They Answered!

Lets see if they can give it to me!

They can! Whoopee!

Looks like I'm going digital on Monday 4th March YAY!

NEWAY, I'm off, it's friday, and I'm finished

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