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02/26/2002 Entry: "Ok, ROCKS!"

[Ok, ROCKS!]

[o]12:58 Ok, it's not often that I'm impressed. Really.

But now I am.

dslogo (2k image)We are in the process of moving all our sites to a new dedicated server home, and we chose as the host. Their site looks good, and the first time I was there, a sales guy popped in using a java applet and was as helpful as can be.

Fair enough.

I ordered it last night, and in a fit of caffeine induced mania, I used the domain name as the master domain of the new server. D'oh! That means I would have to transfer all domains in one fell swoop, and that just sucked.

Got no sleep last night, wondering how to get around it, finally decided to call Dedicated Servers tech support.

Wow! These guys are good. They know their stuff, and if they don't, they find out. My problem was instantly understood by each of the people I talked to, and I was directed quickly to how to solve it. I did that, and got confirmation back within an hour or so that it had been sorted.

They didn't even charge me, which they very well could have. They let me off because the server was so new.

Now, I know all this sounds a bit much, but I've been there. I've worked tech support in AOL for over 3 years, doing some fairly black magic support with ADSL and casebase authoring towards the end. I know how hard it is to make sure tech support is as good as it can be. The ADSL team I was part of was one of the best teams I ever worked with, solution-oriented, take no prisoners, solve the goddamn problem *NOW* focused. The morale on that team was the highest I had ever experienced, because we kicked butt.

The guys at (Alan F. and Nick W., plus 3 others whose names I didn't get) know how to do it too. Period.

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