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04/03/2002 Entry: "Just got back from a weekend at home"

[Just got back from a weekend at home]

[o]10:32 Went to Richard's gig on Saturday, and it was great fun.

The only thing is that about 45 minutes before the end of his set, these people came in and sat down beside the stage, and put their luggage on the stage just behind him. Only it wasn't luggage. It was a year old baby in a carrier! Fer chrissakes! We are talking live music on stage here, and these slackjawed yokels just put their kid on the stage. I watched them very carefully, and they didn't even look at it to check if it was OK. I went out to the front desk and asked was there anything they could do, and due to the laughable legal situation in Ireland, there isn't. That just sucks! I was absolutely frothing mad, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.


Still, the night was made by the kid who thought I was a WWF wrestler . I shit you not! I'm sitting there, minding my own business, and this kid, about 5, keeps staring at me. His grandad then comes over and says 'My grandkid is convinced that you are a wrestler, it'd make his night if you come over and shake his hand'. I though it was hilarious, but I went over and did my 'looming' bit, and the 'be a good boy, eat yer greens, do what yer mommy says, growl growl' stuff, and he was sold!

When I told my friends, they keeled over laughing.

Wonder why?

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