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04/12/2002 Entry: "TGIF Yay!"

[TGIF Yay!]

[o]17:33 Yay, it's friday again!

Been a while since I posted, so I'll bring ye up to date.

My birthday was great fun, my mum won a lego mindstorms kit which I and my friends have been going mental with. Seamus wants us to build a Lego Death Bot, but I'm thinking that maybe he's being a bit ambitious!

The only thing that put a damper on the birthday was xtravision. They ran through 3 months worth of charges on my laser card, and wiped out the money I had saved up for the party. *garrr!*

Ah well, we had a good enough time, and I asked Katherine if I could share her birthday party, because I'll be 33.3333(r) when the end of June comes round, and she said yea, so that's gonna be fun.

The laptop died last week, and I had to get onto HP for support. I talked to 8 people there before I got someone with a clue gene. Everybody I talked to insisted it was out of warranty even though their own website said it was still covered, and even the sticker on the bottom made that obvious as well. I finally had to kick and scream until I got acknowledgement it was covered, and we got it back this morning, working again. I wish they'd put some sort of report in the box when sending it back, as I have no clue as to what was wrong, or what they needed to do to fix it.

Blade 2 rocked -> Ralph was wrong -> the fight scenes were not too fast!

I've moved into the new office over the road, and it's working out nice, apart from being a bit of a building site at the moment, should all be sorted in a month or so. At least I get to play my music as loud as I like!

Anyway, gotta go, the weekend awaits!

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