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06/26/2002 Entry: "Jeeepers, I'm Soo Busy!"

[Jeeepers, I'm Soo Busy!]

Hey, it's not a complaint!

I have so much to do, and I've been leaving the weblog idle.


Will have to rectify that.

no promises :) and it's 21(!) related sites are taking up all my time.

Also have a pulled intercostal muscle in me side, which hurts like mad, and a cough which makes the muscle go twang, falling apart here.

Anyway, back to work :)

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Re: Mistaken Identity

Always thought the idea of tight spandex excited you!

Posted by The Wife of Glen Dunne @ 06/30/2002 11:46 AM GMT


Nah, not looking the way I do.

They'd be calling out the Coastguard to free the beached whale :)

Posted by Alan @ 07/02/2002 05:37 PM GMT

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